my first sale :)


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without promoting my store at all (only on-page-SEO), i gained my first sale :)

not a big one, roughly 17$ before paypal fees, etc. (product is 8$)

im actually excited purely to the fact that i didnt paid-promote it at all, i was giving time for google to index my site.
i wonder how that buyer found me and i cant even tell, but probably google indeed, which is a great sign.

i also dont have prior experience on wordpress / web development nor woocommerce / dropshiping experience, this is all new to me> building the site from scratch (3 times) just to learn the very basic and gain the knowledge required. i could just pay alidropship for a site, but my mindset was 'even if the shop wont succedd, ill know how to build wp sites myself.'

so after all that, getting a first sale without paying for promotion is realy satisfying :).

i will fullfill the order tommorow.

what do you suggest my next step to be?
should i start promoting, or wait for my first client to get his product and see his feedback on delivery/product, etc?


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start promoting paid ads is a plus until Google starts to index your website
i dont see it as a plus if a customer tries to google your store and doesnt find you at all. i dont see any urgency to run and spend money on ads, but you are right, it would be benefitial to try both approached combined. ill get to it soon.

Well done.

Now do it again.

And again ...

Thanks :)
i haven't done anything for this one though lol, feels just like a lucky sale.

btw, i just processed my first order (which didnt go smooth, there are few issues with ADS plugin, when trying to fullfill orders automaticly/by hand). but, is this normal that the item will be shipped in 6 days?

used ePacket of course.


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You're Lucky. This is my 7th month with Alidropship without a single sale. I have spent more than $130USD on ads


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indeed luck. 2 visitors from google, 1 of them purchase. 50% conversion rate, id call it pure luck indeed.
but its a good sign i believe, or want to believe that. we will see how it goes.

did you build your store by yourself? try ask for reviews, maybe something scares off the clients.

Also, how do you guys create fb-video-ads for your store? what softwares are you using?