Marketplace Website. Auto add ads every day.


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This is a ready-made business! A special program has been developed to copy advertisements from the site - craigslist. For a couple of clicks, you can place 25,000 thousand ads every day.​

On the website and in the app, users can get a membership package. They can sell their products for a fee! This is a good monetization of the site! The site also has an advertising system, such as Adsense.

when I was promoting my site. There were several membership purchases on my site. Now, unfortunately, I do not have time to deal with these sites. I don't want my site to be idle. So I decided to sell my project.

The site has a built-in auction system.

A special program has been developed to automatically copy ads from the site - craigslist.

In just a couple of clicks, you can post 25,000 thousand ads daily. This will create an active site. Users will visit the site every day and see new ads, this will create more popularity of the site.

Price: 790$


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That sounds promising. However, I am not sure what you mean by “ready-made business.” Could you elaborate more on that, please? I might be interested in this project, but I need to know more about it. Moreover, I am not sure I fully understand how it’s functioning from the description you provided. The idea behind it is that anyone can buy ads on this website/platform, and people looking for a product can search for it and get numerous ads related to the keywords they searched for? Can someone advertise dark net products such as flugsvamp link?