Legal Aspects of drop shipping in India.


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I am based in India. I want to start drop shipping business. I am almost ready with my store. But I am confused and little bit afraid about the legal aspects about drop shipping in India. can anybody guide me in detail?


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Dunno about the laws in India but I tell everybody to just start! If you'll be making money then definitely consult a business consultant or lawyer in your home / desired business country.


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You will waste too much nerve and energy. Before you start your own case, I think you should go to people who will advise you. You could have gone to a lawyer from the very beginning, and he would have told you everything in detail. I FELT AN ATTORNEY WOULD BE COMPETENT when I needed to clear up my older son's insurance situation. And the most qualified ones are from If anyone needs one in the future, please call them. I'm sure she will help you. It is better to do it in advance, otherwise in the future, due to ignorance of the law, you may have problems with the law.


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Hello, I don't know much about this domain in India and if it has any differences from the ones I have in my area. However, I think the only one that can help you with this particularity is a good lawyer. I've been collaborating with this platform for some years:, and I can guarantee you that they will help you with this problem. Even if they don't have all the answers, they will give you someone to help you.
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