Is footwear a popular niche?


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Was just hoping to hear from someone with experience on this topic. I'm trying to discern whether I should invest in a new dropshipping business for sneakers and perhaps more luxurious footwear. If I go through with it, I intend to make a dedicated blog to promote my stuff as well. I suppose it won't be hard to find fresh things to talk about with so many popular brands and models etc.
But, will I be able to make up for the expenses of hiring a team of writers to craft at least 10,000 words worth of optimized articles in this niche, what do you think?
That sounds like an evergreen idea to me! People use different footwear for each season, and those who enjoy outdoor activities spend even more time ensuring their feet are protected at all times. Obviously, people that do sports or at least go jogging will need a new pair even more often, I suppose.

Plus, don't forget about the myriad of shoulder topics you can cover, just follow the fashion industry to get an idea of the latest trends in fashion accessories (which footwear model goes with which scarf, for example). Also, keep in mind that "sneaker fashion" remains a hot topic in the US market, so I think you can divert some attention to your site just by making articles about combining off white laces with the popular Nike, Adidas, or New Balance models, and so on.

So, I think it's definitely worth a shot, just find the right people to build a team with.
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footwear was indeed a popular niche. However, the popularity of niches can change over time due to trends and market shifts. But I think it is still a niche worth trying.