SocialStatista® is a marketing agency with a team of inspired minds who drive forward with the ideas and innovations, we have managed hundreds of ad accounts. There’s a big chance that you may have viewed one of our ads if you live in Europe or in the United States.

Ad Account Management: https://www.socialstatista.com/products/ads-manager

What makes us different?

This is NOT your typical sales letter. As we write this, our intention is not to persuade you with fancy sales copy or by telling you that we have the newest “push button” system to make cash on autopilot. We will be very straight forward with you with how all this works and how our clients get results.

Building a long term business takes a lot of work, consistency, and a very well defined drive. There are concepts that you must understand and apply. There are strategies that work well and others that don’t. We are here to help because without having all of this in place your success with Facebook ads will be very limited.

We have worked with hundreds of clients and we have been featured on Verreal boards which is an electric skateboard manufacturer, see their blog post about us here.

Our agency is ranked by clutch between the 10 top social media agencies in France and Australia also we are ranked in the top 50 agencies in the United States.


We’re discounting our prices during the quarantine, but you still can use this discount code “alidropship” to get an extra 30% off during checkout.

Our service:

Ad account management: With this service you will be able to hire us to take your ad account to a whole new level, creating a custom marketing plan for your business and managing your ads on a monthly basis.

Who is this service for?

Affiliate Marketing: Clickfunnels affiliate or any other affiliate offer
E-Commerce: Building an E-Commerce brand or Scaling your existing ads
Coaching or Consulting: If you’re a coach or consultant and you’re looking to get more paying clients
Offline Business Owner: You’re looking to create an automated system to get more people to your offline business and buy more of your products/services.
Personal Branding: If you’re building your personal brand in ANY way and you want to monetize it in a way that can bring at least $10,000/month.

Ad Account Management: https://www.socialstatista.com/products/ads-manager
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Thanks for such good information. It is useful for my company. I have one question: Where you get inspired? I am a beginner marketer and I had in the process to make marketing for some companies 4 months ago but I didn't understand one of them, like their activities and I didn't know what tools to use to develop them. Thanks to one my friend which is expert in this, he suggested me swipefile.profitableads.com, a good site where are a lot of news, information and tools about how to develop a business in different activities.
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