How to work with foreign traffic


If you have experience in affiliate marketing in your country and you plan to increase your income, you should think about starting work with foreign traffic.

Benefits of working with foreign traffic

1.Volumes. There are about 160 million native speakers of the Russian language, while there are about 400 million people who know English. This means that when working with English-speaking audience, your coverage will be higher.

2.Audience loyalty. The foreign audience has long mastered working with the Internet and, in particular, online shopping. Although the pandemic has led to an increase in online sales in Russia, these values are still lower than overseas. Moreover, the English-speaking audience is generally more solvent.

3.Payment currency. Working with foreign traffic, you will receive payments in foreign currency. Given the volatility of the Russian ruble, earning dollar income will be an added benefit.

Against the background of all these advantages, additional knowledge is required for foreign traffic.

1.Knowledge of a foreign language. At a minimum, you need to know English or the language with which traffic you plan to work with. Without knowledge, you will have difficulties with understanding the advertiser's requirements, making advertising campaigns and working with some traffic sources that don’t have a Russian-language interface. You will have to contact translators, which will entail additional costs.

Some affiliates say that they started making money without knowing the language, but this is rather an exception.

2.Mentality. Living in your country, you understand what problems the residents of the country have. Knowing the peculiarities of the mentality, you can understand in what ways you can convey this or that idea. The mentality may differ from country to country, which means that there is no guarantee that what works for users from your country will work in other.

The analysis of works and creatives of other affiliates will help to understand the interests of the foreign audience, but it will take time.

3.Traffic source features. Foreign traffic sources have their own requirements for launching advertising, because on the territory of individual states or even regions, their own laws apply. Moreover, some of the sources for opening an advertising office require a fee for the office itself and separately need a permanent deposit in foreign currency. It will take you more time and money to run a successful ad campaign.

If you are just starting to work in affiliate marketing, it is better not to start working with foreign traffic right away. First, learn to work with your country's audience.

Where to get traffic from

Traffic sources are basically similar from country to country: social networks, contextual and search advertising, mobile traffic, popunders, display ads, etc. At the same time, some countries have their own resources that are popular there, but unknown to most of the users of your country.

Social networks

Facebook. The number of Facebook users is 2.5 billion, which means that you can find different audiences here.

The main problem of Facebook is the frequent bans of accounts and strict moderation of especially new ad accounts. accounts will help you with this. We offer warmed up accounts of any country with a customized advertising cabinet - Business Manager. Together with the account, you get an antidetect browser, resident proxies and full support 24/7.

With ready-made accounts, you just have to segment your target audience and set up your advertising correctly.

Twitter. Although this social network has its own characteristics for placing ads, it is very popular with foreign users. We discussed how to get traffic from Twitter in a separate article.

Pinterest. The key users of this social network are women from the USA, UK and India. At the same time, preparing advertisements will require a lot of effort from you. In particular, because the social network has special requirements for graphics and advertisements.

Reddit. It is a popular news site that is heavily used in the United States. Reddit has a number of restrictions on the advertised content, for example, you cannot promote fake products and fraudulent programs, but you can advertise gambling and nutra offers. If you plan to work with the US audience, then this is the source for you - more than half of the users are Americans.

Search Engine Advertising

Google. Like Facebook, Google is very popular all over the world, while it is distinguished by very strict moderation, especially to new accounts. Google Ads can be configured using Google ADs, you can also customize Youtube ads through it.

Before launching an advertisement, you will need to carefully read the advertising policy. Experienced affiliate marketers prefer not to waste time and effort to warm up Google Ads and buy ready-to-work accounts at

Bing. You can run ads on this search engine using Bing ADs. According to statistics, this search engine is more often used by residents of the USA, Canada, France and Australia who are over 40 years old and with a high level of income.

At the same time, Bing, like Yahoo and AOL, is part of Microsoft. Thus, by setting up ads in Bing Ads, you can display ads in other systems, which will increase your audience reach.

On the Microsoft website, you can see what audience is using the search networks.

Baidu. It is a search engine with the majority of users in China, Indonesia and Japan. The system has a lot of additional services, such as maps, music, travel and video hosting.

If you plan to work with offers for these countries, be sure to set up ads for this system.

At the same time, Baidu has quite strict requirements for creating an ad account. This will require a certificate of company registration, a website (preferably in Chinese or with the possibility of translation), a bank statement, as well as a deposit and opening fee of $ 700.

Yahoo. On the search engine, you can customize ads using Yahoo Gemini. According to published data, 1 billion people use the search engine every month. With Gemini, you can advertise in apps, Yahoo mail, native ads, etc.

The advantage is that the system has a low cost per click, and you can upload your creatives from Google Ads to the advertising office.

Mobile traffic

Go2mobi. The network is focused on users of Tier 1 countries - USA, UK, Canada, etc. This network does not work with adult offers. The system has its own characteristics, therefore, before starting work, it is better to complete the training, which is posted on the website, or at least carefully read the reviews of other arbitrageurs on this system.

LeadBolt. It is an advertising platform with which you can customize ads in mobile applications. The coverage of the service is 165 countries, which means that you will have the opportunity to select impressions specifically for your audience. Mandatory requirement - a deposit of at least $ 100.

AdCash. Similar to the Facebook pixel, AdCash lets you create look-alike audiences similar to users who have previously responded to your creatives. At the same time, a deposit of $ 100 is required in the system, and the platform also has strict requirements for advertising banners.

Airpush. The platform is one of the most popular among mobile ad networks. The system has a wide functionality in terms of analytics, audience settings and advertising options. But it will take time to figure it out. Unlike the apps above, the minimum budget for Airpush is $ 50.
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