how to put my admitad affiliation file in google cloud


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Any one can please help me to upload my admitad affiliation file into my google cloud web folder? my store site hosted in GCP


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Try to search that on YouTube ,I am sure there should be a tutorial.
Same thing difference thread ... You never check the day of the post before you anwser ????????????????????????

You always do that!!!!!!!!!!

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You better ask a professional in this field that, because no offense, but I am not quite sure that someone in a forum can help you with that. I can only give you simple advice like the one from the guy above, just look on YouTube or Google and you can find something that can help you. Actually, I don't get why you have this difficulty because with the cloud storage that I am using right now, never had these problems, it works fine for me. I am sure you will find a way to solve your problem. Good luck.
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