How to deal with a disabled Facebook ads account? Best Facebook Unblock Proxy


Facebook ads may face rejection on multiple occasions, which can be a setback for your marketing efforts. However, having your Facebook ad account disabled can have a more significant impact. The notification of "your Facebook ad account has been disabled" can understandably cause concern for any advertiser.

Unlike a rejected ad, a disabled ad account means your entire campaign may come to a halt. While daunting, it's not the end. Reactivation is possible, provided you understand the reasons behind the ban, the methods for reinstatement, and the importance of ad account security to prevent future issues.

Why Can’t You Access Your Advertising Account?

There are several reasons you may be locked out of your Facebook ad account. One common cause is a ban on your personal Facebook account, which extends to your advertising account. In this case, while ads continue to run, access is restricted. However, someone with Business Manager clearance can still manage the ads. But if your personal account is banned, accessing the ad account becomes impossible. Another frequent reason is the disabling of the ad account itself.

Common Reasons for Facebook Ads Account Disabling

Ads Violating Platform Rules: Violations of Facebook's terms of service, even minor ones, can lead to ad account disablement. Content promoting sex, violence, gambling, or other prohibited subjects is a primary cause. Ads from unauthorized dating vendors or those offering dubious money-making schemes can also lead to account bans. Adherence to Facebook's terms of service is crucial to avoid such consequences.

Unauthorized Ads: Ads undergo review before publication, and repeated rejections can result in account bans. Careful review of Facebook's Advertising Policies and Terms of Use is necessary to ensure compliance. Excessive posting of ads can trigger disapproval and account deactivation.

Logging in from Different IPs: Using multiple devices to log into Facebook may raise suspicion of fraudulent activity, leading to ad account deactivation. It's advisable to log in from a single device whenever possible, especially during business trips or when away from the office.

How to Solve a Disabled Ad Account

Request a Review:
If you believe your ad account was mistakenly disabled, you can request a review. Be respectful and concise in outlining your case. While the process may take time, it's worth it if you believe the ban was unjustified.

Open a New Ad Account: If reinstatement isn't possible, consider opening a new business account. Ensure compliance with Facebook's guidelines. Additionally, explore other advertising channels such as native advertising or platforms like Reddit, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, or Quora Ads.

Even with a disabled Facebook account, there are alternative advertising avenues to explore. Rather than giving up, remain resilient and adapt to bring growth opportunities to your business.

How Proxy For Multi Accounts Works

Proxy servers, in general, serve as intermediaries between your device and the internet. They act as a buffer, forwarding your requests to websites and returning the results to you. When it comes to “Proxy For Multi-Accounts,” these servers play a pivotal role in managing multiple accounts seamlessly.

This technology allows you to access various platforms, websites, or applications from a single location, without revealing the connections between these accounts. It operates like a digital curtain, protecting your privacy and security. You can think of it as a smart butler, managing all your accounts while keeping your personal information secure.

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Advantages of Using Proxy For Multi Accounts

  1. Enhanced Privacy: The most significant advantage of using a proxy for multi-accounts is the heightened privacy it offers. Each account remains distinct and unlinked, safeguarding your personal information and online activity.
  2. Efficiency and Convenience: With a proxy, you can streamline account management by reducing the need to log in and out of different accounts. This can save you time and minimize frustration.
  3. Security Benefits: The proxy acts as a barrier against unauthorized access to your accounts. This extra layer of security can be crucial in safeguarding sensitive information.
  4. Geographic Flexibility: If you need access to region-specific content or services, a proxy can help by routing your traffic through different locations, enhancing your online experience.
  5. Anonymity Preservation: Maintaining online anonymity is essential for many users, and using a proxy ensures your digital identity remains protected.
  6. Versatility Across User Groups: Whether you’re a business professional, a social media influencer, an online gamer, or a content creator, a proxy for multi-accounts can cater to your unique needs, making it a versatile solution.

How to Choose the Right Proxy For Multi-Accounts

Selecting the right proxy service is crucial for a successful multi-account management strategy. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Types of Proxies: There are different types of proxies, including residential proxy, datacenter proxy, and mobile proxies. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that aligns with your needs.
  2. Considerations When Selecting a Proxy Service: Look for reputable proxy providers that offer reliability, speed, and excellent customer support. Check for user reviews and ask for recommendations within your industry.
  3. Pricing and Quality: Balance your budget with the quality of service. Remember that not all proxies are created equal, and investing in a reliable service is often worthwhile.

Setting Up and Using a Proxy For Multi-Accounts.

Setting up and using a proxy for multi-accounts can be straightforward with the right guidance. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a proxy provider that suits your needs.
  2. Acquire your proxy IP addresses and authentication details.
  3. Configure your device or software to use the proxy.
  4. Start accessing your accounts through the proxy.

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One Example:

How to Integrate Incogniton With OkeyProxy

show you how to integrate Incogniton browser with Okeyprxoy in steps with detailed images and words.

Step 1: Create and Sign in to your Incogniton account for free

Before the beginning of the integration, you have to download the Incogniton app and register an Incogniton account. Thus, if you already have both, skip directly to the next step.

view the official Incogniton website and Download the app easily according to your OS (Mac or Windows)

View attachment 16251
2. Follow the regular installation steps to install the app on your device.

3. Return to the Incogniton website, enter into the pricing page, and Explore the available plans – including Starter (free), Entrepreneur, Professional, and Multinational. Opt for the Starter plan if you’re new to Incogniton.

View attachment 16253

4. Complete the registration process by following the provided instructions to create your Incogniton account. You’ll receive your login details
View attachment 16254

Step 2. Set up an Okeyproxy account

1. Go to Okeyproxy Official site:
2. Register an account by clicking the "getting started" button.

3. Go to your dashboard after completing the registration process.

Step 3. Generate IP and Port

On your account dashboard, select the right proxy type, including

residential proxy, static, datacenter proxy variants as the following screenshot:

View attachment 16256

2. Click the “Pricing” button to get the available pricing plans for the chosen proxy type.

View attachment 16257

3. Click “Get Subscription” from the list and purchase the right plan for your proxy.

After purchase, you will get an “Endpoint Generator” under the [User Name Password] in the proxy type.

Here is an example of a purchased

rotating residential proxy as following screenshot:

View attachment 16258

Step 4. Integrate Okeyproxy with Incogniton

1. Open the Incogniton app and enter into “profile management”. click "New profile" to create a new one.
View attachment 16259

2. Fill in the Browser name and other basic profile information.
View attachment 16260

3. Click “Add Proxy”, then fill the proxy information, including proxy type: socks5 proxy, proxy port, proxy username, and password as following image.

View attachment 16261

4. Click the “Start” button to launch your new profile as follows:

Congratulation! You have successfully integrate Okeyproxy with Incogniton, and just use them to start your business now.

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Has anyone tried it so far? Any feedback to share? Coz it sounds interesting.

Figuring out why your account got the boot is key. It could be anything from violating Facebook's rules to logging in from too many different IPs. Once you've pinpointed the issue, you can start working on a solution.
If you're feeling brave, you can request a review and plead your case. Keep it respectful and to the point. Sometimes, a little persistence pays off, ya know?
But if all else fails, don't sweat it. There are plenty of other fish in the sea when it comes to advertising.
Speaking of alternatives, have you checked out Facebook ads reporting templates? I think they can be a lifesaver when it comes to analyzing your ad performance and tweaking your strategy.
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I have recently created a Facebook page for my brand, which has been successful on Amazon. Additionally, I have set up a Shopify ecommerce website. Now, I am looking for advice on the best strategy for allocating my advertising budget, specifically targeting the UK audience. Should I prioritize boosting my page likes and followers before focusing on product advertising? Or is it better to start with product advertising right away? Also, I'm curious about the role of positive reviews on ChiroPraise in establishing a unique selling point. Should I focus on promoting and leveraging these positive reviews as part of my brand's unique selling point (USP)? How can I effectively utilize these reviews to enhance my marketing efforts and drive customer engagement?