How do you guys index your backlinks?

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Who are you referring to? All the members in the Members Forum? How do you know we all have our backlinks indexed so successfully? But I guess if we all waited long enough they would all be indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other bots anyway, eventually. ;)

Who do you use
I myself use no one. I just sit back and let the Google bots (and others) do their thing and let find them ... not that I have many anyway. I only use backlinks that are really relevant and real rather than engage in a massive backlink hunting safari. The Google ranking algorithm penalizes for that sort of thing.

Or maybe you mean "how to get" backlinks?
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Ok, sorry, Looks like i'm misunderstood, my fault for being unclear.
So when I search Ahrefs for backlinks on some of the well documented Alidropship stores, ie, &, I see very nice backlinks from some high profile websites. So, I was wondering how the guys get these backlinks to index as this is always the problem with getting Google to index the backlinks, not neccessary building the links.

Just as an example of what I mean. I created 12 backlinks for my site then used a indexing company to index them. They only managed a 20% success rate, so a bit of a waste for me. So it seems to be an issue for lots of people.

Hence my enquiry!

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So, I was wondering how the guys get these backlinks to index

I can only think of four possibilities ...

1. They just waited for the bots to index them in their own sweet time (those sites have been up for 3 or 4 years already) as most do.
2. They used Google Webmasters Tools to submit them for indexing themselves.
3. Paid an Indexing Company better than the one you used. (I think many crap ones just use the Webmasters Tools that anyone can use)
4. Magic.

You can wait here for an Alidropship staffer to find this thread and say which one, or you could write to and ask them, I guess. They also wrote an article in the Blogs section on backlinks ... there may be a clue there.

So when I search Ahrefs for backlinks
Where do they get the information on what backlinks have been indexed? I hope it's not the Google Search Console because it does not show all the links that have been indexed, just a few of them as an example.

this is always the problem with getting Google to index the backlinks
Always? As far as I know, Google only ignores low-quality backlinks.

I only use backlinks that are really relevant and real
Maybe the almighty Google quality ranking algorithm has a different opinion? Fu#k Google! ;)

Maybe some of the other forum members have some tricks up their sleeves if an Alidrophip staffer doesn't drop by.


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In my opinion, this is the worst way of advertising your service or products online. People hate spammers online. For example, I wouldn't use the services that a spammer advertised. If you want to increase the number of customers and not clicks but real people, you should make a search engine optimization consultancy. Companies that deal with certified online marketing will help you put ads on the official website like Google and Bing. It will surely move you ahead of the competition on the market because it is the most effective way of advertising online.
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To make the most of your web page, you should use different types of social networking websites by sharing your webpage containing backlinks. By doing so, Google will index more about it and people can find out with a simple search on their favorite website like Facebook or Twitter.


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Unfortunately, few people understand what backlinks are and why does a person index them? Initially, a backlink is a link created to link one website to another. However, a backlink is just a link to an external source, but inbound links are very important for SEO advertising. In essence, backlinks to your website signal to search engines that others vouch for your content. Why is backlink indexing necessary? Backlink indexing is the process of adding links to the search engine database. Indexing is usually done by Google robots, which detect new content, scan it, and update the website's search position. However, it is best to use press release distribution advertising for indexing to be as effective as possible. Google robots can ignore low-quality content, which can damage the site's reputation, so it is important to use high-quality advertising.
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I tried a few months ago to use the apps Elite Link Indexer and Omega Indexer (which are paid services), but none of them had any effect.
Now I don't use anything to influence the indexing, I let Google decide.

What I have noticed over time is that Google often scans sites that are highly active, that is, where content is added quite often.
The best examples for this are Quora and Reddit, platforms that are almost constantly scanned by Google. I buy links on these platforms from Pagewon (they include these 2 platforms in their SEO strategies), and within a few days all the links are indexed.
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