[For Sale] Bluetooth Accessories store with 2 sales and 0 Ad Spend + Multiple Premium Plugins


I'm going to be a little harsh and rash here, but I'm saying this for your benefit.

You are saying that you "need" to sell your store because you don't have time for it. But, then every time you make a sale, you increase the price.

The way it looks to others here is like a lying rat! You may have every good and honest intention about selling it because you don't have time, but with every sale, you have more and more time. You don't look like you need to sell it as much as you want to make money from it.

If you are selling your blue-tooth business, then have the balls to say so! If someone argues with the price, it's OK, because you can stick to your guns about how much you want for it and raise it everyday if need be. But, if you need to sell a liability that it taking too much of your time, you need to set a price, be negotiable, and let someone else free you from your problem.

So, let us know, Are you trying to sell someone a new business? Or are you trying to get rid of a liability that is taking too much of your time?

There is no crime in wanting to sell your business, even if it is over priced. It's supply and demand. Someone may come along and recognize that your site design is well worth spending $200 on even if there are no sales. (and I think the work in the design is worth that much.) If I were to pay that and rebrand it for another niche, the time and tools in the site are worth the cost.

But, by telling us you need to sell it to free up your time, means you no longer care and may be offering a bargain for someone to take a liability off your hands.

BTW, the fact that it is making a few sales makes it more of a liability for the new buyer now, than it was when you offered it for $100 less. Because, you made the sale, but in 30-45 days, both sales could be refunded and that would cost your buyer both in cash and reputation! The store doesn't have a track record so there is still no "goodwill" to buy. So, raising the price isn't in your best interest IF you "need to sell" your store.

If you are selling your Bluetooth store business, then, say so and only accept an offer to your liking. Raise the price, lower the price, negotiate terms, whatever you want to do. You're a web developer, so you can make more and sell more. It's up to you to accept the offer you want, but the mentality of the buyer will be that he/she understands what and why they are paying the price they pay.

A business buyer wants to know he'll make his money back in X months and will pay accordingly. A person trying to start up who finds a special deal from someone trying to cut their losses, has a different mentality.

So, figure out who you are marketing to and make it clear! Don't waste yours and our times with reasoning that turns out to be bogus.

That being said, I reviewed the site earlier and I think it's a great site. It's one of the better looking sites I have found and would love to have it myself. I could recommend some changes to improve it, but it is a well designed site.

But, I would be in the market for a bargain to by someone else's liability to build up myself, but not to pay a premium for a growing business. The fact that you made a couple of sales, even if you don't raise the price, takes me out of the market for it. Business buyers aren't interested in your "need to sell" but in a profit making business, so you have effectively alienated both category of buyers.

I don't think you are trying to lie to us, but you might want to take some thought about what you are offering and why, and make it clear so you market your site to the appropriate interested buyers.
Thanks. All criticism accepted.
I am not lying. That's not the way I work.
If you look at the OP, you'll see that a lot of software is coming free with the store. And that's not all. I don't remember stuff. A few more things I've worked on the site. I've added an image CDN+proxy for speed. The CDN uses Akamai(one of the biggest CDN on earth). I've setup email via mailgun API(one of the most reliable email) so your messages don't go to spam folder. I've done SOME SEO(for me it's very little) but I get a stable traffic which concerts(that's how I got sales). I've setup a VPS for the site, speed optimized it(I charge $250 to my clients for this), I've set up custom emails with Zoho which is free but still 100 times better than cPanel email. The website is hosted in the US, the country I target because that's how it's fast there and speed affects conversion.
Regarding I don't have time, so believe it or not, I've worked for a few hours on the site. Other work was done by another guy. I made the final touches, trust signals, proper SSL setup, CDN DNS and you can say anything which helps the UX/conversion. I do not say it's the best design out there, but I never said I'm good at design. I'm a technical guy. The current design is fine enough for it to be a successful store. And I've even mention in the OP that I'll provide limited support to the buyer.
To be honest, I do not need money. But I should get atleast the time I've invested in it. I agree increasing the price isn't a good idea and I'll drop it now($300 is the final price). But if you think I'm lying the you should think again. I see people wasting $100s in ads without any sales and stuff, buying a store which is actually good and has sales isn't a bad idea at all.
And believe or not, what I'm offering is atleast better than 75-80% of the stores I've seen. I'm in the industry since around 3 years. I've tried the best. I'm working on a BIG project since December end. I do not do anything for the current store. I only get emails for product enquires, orders and I check analytics at times. That's it. I am sure someone can better take care of the store and use it to its full potential.