Fishing product store + Google App + 8500 products + 1000 organic & referral visits/month


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Hi everybody !

I sell my store because I am promoted as VP for an operation on this April and I won't have enough time to manage my store..
It's a dropshipping store with Alidropship with Davinci.

The Instagram account has 350 engaged authentic followers..

The meta titles & meta descriptions is well optimized with major SEO factors.

Its speed is excellent 99% on mobile device.

It also have app in Google App store.

Trust and confidence are optimized with trust badges on product page, checkout page + cart page, descriptions for each product etc.

I chose carefully the suppliers on Aliexpress, only with good reviews (more than 4+)

I had selected evergreen niches with huge demand : fishing products niche.

Total Product count: 8500

The sale includes :
  • Partially Customized Theme Optimized for Conversion & speed.
  • Alidropship plugin : value $89
  • Domain Name (.com) : which is actually a premium domain.
  • Hosting and SSL
  • Professional email address
  • Instagram Account with 553 followers
  • Twitter Account 513 Followers
  • Facebook account with 500+ like
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Play store App
Fully organic promotions , i didn't spend even a penny on Ads. All the conversion are from organic/Refferal.

Revenue Last 3 Months: US $1,146.82
Unique visitors: 3499
Orders: 24
Items: 30 sold
Conversion rate: 0.69%

Ready to share customer details & paypal records.

PM me for price and url.

Feel free to ask any question :)

Have a nice day !


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PM the site URL please, also can you include info as follows: (1) you mention partially optimized theme (how does that affect updates?), (2) where is the site hosted at now, (3) when is the domain up for renewal and, (4) with who is it registered through now? Thanks...