Facebook Advertising Activated Account with 1000$ Daily Spending Limit


We are professional and experienced in Facebook Advertisement.We prepare Facebook special premium account for online advertisement. We sell facebook advertising account, already activated with daily limit of 500. If you are interested to advertise you business on facebook, you just need to buy facebook ads activated account. You just need to design your campaign. Your ads start running. You can add facebook voucher of any amount in this account.

Facebook Advertising Activated Account with 1000$ Daily Spending Limit


This account is available for all countries.
American Accounts available also
Fore American Account use vpn or vps or RDP
The price of this account is 50$
you can advertise up to 5000$ from this account.
Per day spending limit is 1000$
5 Days payment threshold, ( 1000X5 = 5000$ )
This Account is very perfect and ready to use.
Funding Source is added already
You do not need to change any thing in billing tag
Facebook will ask you to pay after 5 days,

If you are new to use facebook ads account then i will provide you live help to set up your ads.
My Accounts can advertise any product in any country, like USA, Canada, China, Vietnam, and all other country
Facebook Ads account will be able to run campaigns instantly

i am available on skype and email address

The mode of payment is paypal or bitocin

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Skype: live:.cid.cc2392cfb4313aa5 Or https://join.skype.com/invite/IPToDnfLfULP
Telegram: +61485815486
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