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this web provide us to convert our website to mobile app without any coding skill, but it is costly, no need to change the app if we update worpress backend, i have try it and it is good no problem for my ali woo and ali original website.
if alidropship team can built a similar service in cheaper, i think will help dropshiper to increase their customer loyalty and conversion.


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Those setups to "change your site to an app" are gimmicky garbage. They just display your site inside an app "shell". Why bother? Just make sure you have a good adaptive theme that looks good on mobile. Like most themes these days.

i think will help dropshiper to increase their customer loyalty and conversion.
I doubt it. No one is going to install an app for every site they buy stuff from.
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I doubt it. No one is going to install an app for every site they buy stuff from.
Everyday I receive emails offering services to build a mobile apps of my website. Never have a bit of interest. I installed mobile apps of Paypal and my bank, but I rarely open them. Definitely I agree. Assuming you have the apps, who will install it? It is a lot of non-sense.

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I definitely think this is a great idea, because it is way easier to use an app instead of using a website.
I definitely think this is a stupid idea because it's next to impossible to get people to download/install an app for some small dropshipping store that no one has ever heard of. Let's face "reality" here.

I use eBay a lot and I don't even have their app installed. Saving the link as an icon on the home screen is less annoying ... and faster.

It it also has more impact on a customer, because of things like notifications, for example.
Yes. Impact alright. It usually pisses them off and they either turn off the notifications or delete the app. And if it's one of the typically boring dropshipping stores in a done to death niche I see a lot of on this forum, it would be even more annoying.

This is what happens when people just look at the "pretty surface sparkly bits" (Ooh, a phone app, wow! So cool!), and make emotional decisions without actually thinking about things.

Illusions of grandeur.
Stop dreaming. Really.
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Not every time it is pissible to make this conversion working the original way one work. Usually you have to modify a lot in order to do it.



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I doubt it. No one is going to install an app for every site they buy stuff from.

I completely agree with this. If you are not Amazon or AliExpress you don't need the app. This is a waste of money and time. It is better to pay attention to the development of a good mobile version of the site.


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What if I tell you that to use the conversion of the site, you do not need to redo the site using a framework that brings the appearance of the resource closer to the appearance of a mobile application? Moreover, what if the whole development process connects the site to a mobile application using a regular URL. While you are thinking about the answers to these questions, I can say that you will need the help of more experienced developers, or rather They have helped me more than once in this matter, so I consider them professionals in their field.
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If the cost of converting your website to a mobile app is a concern, it's worth exploring alternative options. I agree that having a service similar to the one you mentioned, but at a more affordable price, would be beneficial for dropshippers looking to increase customer loyalty and conversion rates.

Besides looking into external services, another option is to consider developing custom mobile apps specifically tailored to your business needs. Companies like specialize in mobile app development and can create a custom solution to suit your needs.

Ultimately, having a mobile app can provide a seamless and engaging experience for your customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.
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