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Hi, I am selling my car gadget store - A custom store designed, created and tested by the AD team. I no longer have time to devote to the potential this store has. Would suit someone keen to make use of the features and huge automobile market.

Social media accounts also created for the website including FB, IG and Twitter - Although I have done very little FB promotion the followers have grown pretty much automatically. - 400+ followers

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Hi, I am interested in your proposal. I sell used cars, I would like to know if you have such gadgets in stock with which you can check the history of cars? Customers always ask this question. Of course, for this they can use the free Vingurus service, but I'm not sure that the information from this source is reliable.
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That sounds pretty interesting. I used to do that kind of selling too, but I soon gave it up because bitcoin was a more reliable option for improving my financial situation. If you are still doing it, I wish you good luck because I understand how difficult it is to break into the market with such a product. I was just recently planning to have my old car repaired because no one has driven it for about 20 years and many parts of the front and rear bumpers are rotten. The number of repairs would have been pretty huge, so I used the alternative, namely the company which offers scrap your car. It was much more profitable for me
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