Best 911 Proxy Alternative in 2024


911 Proxy has long been a prominent player in the proxy service industry. Known for its vast network of residential and mobile proxies, it has been a go-to service for many users seeking to anonymize their online activity, bypass geographical restrictions, or perform advanced tasks like web scraping. However, the service encountered significant data security issues and had to shut down permanently.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to 911 S5 Proxy, what is 911 Proxy? Is 911 Proxy still working? Why did you use 911 proxies? Most importantly, we recommend the best proxy alternative to 911 Proxy.

What Is 911 Proxy?​


911 S5 Proxy is a highly versatile, residential, and mobile Socks5 proxy service provider, offering a wide range of IP addresses from various locations worldwide. The service has been popular for its high level of anonymity, security, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions. Its clientele ranges from privacy-conscious individuals to businesses engaged in digital marketing, SEO, market research, and more.

911 proxy is shut down

Despite its popularity and extensive features, the 911 S5 Proxy suffered significant challenges. According to a report by KrebsOnSecurity, the service faced a significant data breach, leading to the exposure of customer data. The official disclaimed that the website was attacked by hackers online, and it was discovered that someone manipulated the balances of a large number of user accounts. 911 said the intruders abused an application programming interface (API) that handles account top-ups when users make financial deposits through the service. This incident has raised concerns about the service’s security measures and its capacity to protect user data.


Following the breach, 911 Proxy reportedly experienced internal conflicts, leading to disruptions in its operation. The service’s site was taken offline, and the 911 official website released a notice saying on 28th, 2022, “We regret to inform you that we permanently shut down 911 and all its services on July 28th.” Some proxy users said that maybe 911 was just trying to weed out those customers using the service for high volumes of cybercriminal activity at first, but they had to shut down the website for the big trouble.


Is there Any Alternative To 911 Proxy?

If you are looking for a proxy provider that is equally affordable compared with 911 prices, as well as offering high-quality proxies, OkeyProxy is your best choice!

When users need to use overseas dynamic residential proxy IP with high anonymity, they might think of 911S5 proxy. Of course, many proxy websites on the market now offer such proxy IPs, but not all proxy providers can provide a large number of residential IP addresses. OkeyProxy provides you with 150M+ real residential proxy IP addresses, covering more than 200 different countries and regions around the world, has become compatible with 911 s5 proxy’s features and services, and is constantly filtering poorly performing IP addresses and adding fresh pure proxy IPs.

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911 Proxy Alternatives


OkeyProxy offers static residential proxies from various 200+countries, including the USA, France, HongKong, Japan, and others. They have a pay-as-you-go pricing model, making it suitable for businesses with varying proxy needs. OkeyProxy provides HTTPS, HTTP and SOCKS proxy options.

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Oxylabs offers both data center and residential proxies. Their residential proxies include static IPs and come with features like geolocation targeting and high anonymity. Oxylabs is known for its large proxy pool and quality service.


BrightData, previously known as Luminati, is a well-known provider of residential proxies. They offer a large pool of static residential IPs from various countries and cities. BrightData is known for its reliability, high-speed connections, and comprehensive proxy management tools.