AliDropship plugin ver. 1.5.1 - UPDATE

Victoria Kudryashova

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Main features:

  • Quick edit product panel: character escaping issue fixed
  • Issue for products with more than 1 attribute in split option is fixed
  • Customer account optimization


  • alids_first_ion PHP 7.2
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  • alids_first_ion PHP 7.1
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  • alids_first_ion PHP 7.0
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my store is active If every time I upgrade I have to send screenshot and login data to sew I can not sell and pay for my hosting.
You should have respect for the client and test the plugin updates before releasing. In my case I did the backup restore to version 1.5.0 of the plugin.I hope you understand me! Thanks!


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Here is a screenshot of login going to the My Account page bad-login.JPGinstead of going to Wp admin back area.

Direct Webstore

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It does so with my sites too, but I don't see the problem. I just click the "Dashboard" link on the top right. Simple.

Also, I'm always logged in so I would only have to do that extra click if and when I log out. But there is no reason to log out.

Why are you guys logging out all the time? What's the point? Unless you are using a shared computer down at the library or something.

It's probably something to do with this ...
Customer account optimization