AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.7 - UPDATE

Victoria Kudryashova

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Main features:

  • Minor optimisation improvements


  • alids_first_ion PHP 7.0
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  • alids_first_ion PHP 7.1
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  • alids_first_ion PHP 7.2
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Updated to the new version of Alidropship, and now all the traffic data is now just showing as zero. Can someone help please?

Victoria Kudryashova

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After updating the plugin, the Aliexpress ID is not automatically filled in the order list
Same problem!
Same here
Same problem ... again...
Guys, please check your authorization at AliDropship Google Chrome extension! If you haven't authorized - AliExpress order ID will not be attached.

If you've authorized and issue still persists, please PM me your WP login credentials - I will check on my end.


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I am logged in!
the problem exists since 1.2.2!
it is not our fault! many customers here in the forum have the problem! finally fix it!


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My website is just Blank after the last update? anyone else having this issue? AND My traffic reporting hasn't working since Sept 1
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Victoria Kudryashova

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About Traffic report dashboard issue: sorry for that, we redo our Statistic now and Dashboard will be updated with the next update. Now You can find all statistic in Traffic report and in your Google analytics account.