Alidropship extension bug for Chrome


Hello. Does anyone else have the same thing? The extension allows me to import products that ship from the United States, from a whole page, but it does not allow it when I choose only one. One by one I can't care. Only with products shipped from the United States. With shipments from any other country, it works fine.
File 3 image is shipping from Afghanistan. The same is true for any country except the United States.


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Yes, having the same issue. One thing is when going to a single product page on Aliexpress it redirects you to the dot US domain extension. Told support, all they can tell me is change the ship to - to US and force it to dot com but, there's no way to force it if it keeps redirecting to the dot Us. I don't want to import an entire category of items. Have you found any help yet?


The theme is supported. I hope this week I will get the solution.
I imported three products but you have to have time and patience. I imported the whole sheet. It doesn't matter immediately. Sometimes, within the first 15 articles that the system imported, there is the one that you need and you stop the import. Then you send all the products that do not serve you to the trash and then delete them. That is the work it took me to import those 3 products.
Remember that each product you import has several photos that take up space in the library. If you reach the limit, you will not be able to upload more products.
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