12 Reasons You Should Use Ad Words


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Like Google ads, other platforms provide the service of ads but thinking which one you should use and select and will give you more benefit might be boggling your mind and you might be facing a lot of difficulty in deciding so here are some reasons that will tell why you should use the Goggle ads and why ad words are the best.

1. Google ads have a wider range
It is one of the most important reasons why someone should choose Google ads over others. It is because it has a wider range which means it can reach a lot of people in comparison to other marketing tools. Millions of people use Google for searching some terms every second so it is a surety that if you use Google ads then you will be able to reach a lot of people.

2. It makes your ad attractive
Well, it is a normal thing the better looking your ad is the more will be the clicks. Google ads provide you with so many awesome themes and ways by which you can make your ad attractive and eye-pleasing.

3. It allows remarketing
People may come and click on your ad and after that, they can leave your website but then comes Ad words that save you. It will send people a message or show what they have missed and will save your business.

4. It is in your budget
Google ads are in your budget. It is in your budget because it uses pay per click (PPC). You can pay here according to the keywords you are using.

5. It helps you in measuring your progress
Google ads use pay per click (PPC). So you can keep a track and measure your progress using PPC metrics. You can easily track down what is working well for your business and use it ad what is not and discard that.

6. Emails
A lot of people prefer Gmail for sending emails to their contacts. Google ads show your ads on the promotion tab on the Gmail and thanks to this people will see your ads.

7. Google ads let you add social proof
By giving Social proof you are giving and proving that people are coming to your website and are buying it and when you will add this to your ads you will be able to attract more and more people and you will not only get lots of clicks but will also able to seal a lot of deals.
You can give Social Proof by using Social Proof Tools. These tools are trending right now and are the best that will help your business in every possible way. A lot of people are using Social Proof tools to attract audiences to their website. Social Proof plays an important role in the sales of the product.
The most trustable social proof tool is Fizfy Social Proof. It is the most popular tool and has unique features, easy interface & affordable pricing. Anyone can use it and it will benefit your website.

8. It gives you a lot of control
You are making ads for your business so it is obvious that you should have maximum control and Google ads give you this as it offers a wide range of options from where you can use according to your wish which you think is the best for your business. You can track your progress using Google ads and as you know you have a lot of control so you change the things which aren’t working for your business.

9. Use Google ads to tell your location
Using Google ads you are breaking all your limits as with the help of this you can not only sell online but also offline. As you use Google ads and Google maps together and use Google maps to tell your audience about your location and address and by that you can double your sales and will be able to sell online and offline.

10. Google ads allow you to show your contact information
Yet another perk of using Google ads is that you can show your contact information in the ads which will help the audience in trusting you. Business is all about trust and when there is trust there are more deals. With the help of Google ads, you can add your contact information below your ad explanation. By adding your contact information your ad will become irresistible and more attractive.

11. It is fast
Google ads are faster than other means of promotion. Just by using the right keywords, you can appear in the top results of the search engine and you can beat other businesses that are operating in the same industry in which you are.

12. It is better than SEO
It takes a lot of time and efforts when you optimize your website’s SEO and even after completion of that it can take a lot of time for results to come but it is not with Google ads. Put your money into it and make a nice and attractive ad that will catch people eyes and see the results fast. Google ads will show the results faster than SEO. Google ads are very speedy.