update product

  1. Keyur Amin

    Pricing is zero for a product whose pricing in Aliexpress is $7

    Hello, I have a product whose pricing appears to be zero. The price in AliExpress store is $7 and I clicked 'Update' button and it started updating. It is now 27 minutes and it is still loading. How long should we wait? Moreover, when I click 'Update' in AliDropship > AliExpress > Updates, I...
  2. C

    Attention: Yaros / Alidropship Support - Unable to Manual Update and even Import the Reviews

    To: Alidropship Support or To any member: Anyone experience this: I tried to Disable the Update Product so i can manually update the product info, the problem was I wasn't able to disable the "Update Products" even i saved it, it goes back to default settings. I tried to Import the "Review"...
  3. anonymous1971

    So I need to have this open 24/7/365 or else.....

    "The auto updating is getting processed only when your Google Chrome browser is opened" What this means to me is or how i interpret is: it only auto updates when your chrome browser is opened and you need to have your browser opened 24/7/365 or else the system will not update and once a day is...
  4. C

    Variation problem

    Hello, I am having problems with the variations. I have disabled all the variations that I don't want to appear on the front end, but since the 0.7.2 update, they are now showing. Do I delete the unwanted variations using remove? Will the product stock and price still update correctly if I do...
  5. J

    What does Update Product do?

    Does it only update the price or does it also amend the images and text. Naturally, if i amend the text I do not want it to changed or images added. Kindly advise so I can make a decision. What is the standard practice regarding this option?