tracking service

  1. C

    Cainiao Order Tracking on My Account Page for Woo

    Hello, I came across this post where integrating Cainiao on the tracking orders page was being discussed: I am facing a similar problem. I have seen that it's possible to use tracking more's embed box on your...
  2. T

    Tracking page problem

    Hello, I'm new to alidropship, I have a little problem with the tracking service, I want to display a tracking page as on the attached image when the customer will click on the tracking button on his account or tracking link on the email. thank you in advance :)
  3. A

    Tracking Setup Best Practices

    Hello, as I'm setting up my first store using AliExpress I would like your advice on how to properly setup the tracking option. I've read the available content on the guide page but I still have some questions. 1) Order Shipped notification is sent to the customer? 2) Estimated delivery time...
  4. Keyur Amin

    Tracking service - ePacket and 17track

    Hello guys, Don't mind please if this is a noob question. I am using ePacket to send the products to my customers in the US. In the backed of the plugin, 17track is enabled. Just wondering if that option will still track ePacket deliveries from start to end. Please advise.
  5. Wei Jian

    Problem with Order Tracking Services (Cannot Track Aliexpress Items)

    I've just done a dropship demo on my site to check out the workflow with Alidropship Woo. The purchased item is one that uses Aliexpress Standard Shipping (with tracking number available). The item was shipped out today from a warehouse in China. But the problem is, it cannot be tracked by...