1. Chella

    Alidropship need to give some attention for Payment gateway solution

    Last one month, We are trying to register in payment gateway for card acceptance in our website. unfortunately no improvement. Payment gateway are asking us to provide the past sales/transaction history. we don't know, How are they expecting this from a newly started site. Alidropship pulgin...
  2. Q

    Help me please

    hi,i use alidropship woo plugin.Now all products variations lost,also attributes which reletead varitions.Please help how can i get back?
  3. B

    Not Getting any response from support

    Hi, I have sent a mail to support team regarding a issue related to customer registration issue (24 hours back), till now i have not got any reply from the support team. Also i sent a live chat request 10 Hour back to check the issue status, no response, if this is the case, then i need to see...
  4. J

    Plug-in Error!

    Hi, I keep receiving the error on my site: Fatal error: Class 'adsProductTM' not found in /home/thecleve/public_html/wp-content/themes/michelangelo/tpl/product/loop/_item.phpon line 3 Can someone please assist? Regards, Josh
  5. nardog03

    Alidropship plugin not working on mobile (Davinci Theme)

    Hello everyone, I am currently experiencing issues with the alidropship plugin using the davinci theme. I have made 3 attempts to the administrators in private chat and also I opened a ticket message using the support email but no one has replied to me as yet and this is very frustrating. So if...
  6. R

    Help Need in Payment Processor

    Hi every One, I am currently doing work on a multiple niche dropshipping website and wish to start earning from this business in one year. I have few questions if anyone knows kindly share with me. I am specially requesting the Alidropship Support Team. 1. Do you all Guys Thinks, That Having...
  7. nardog03


    Hello, I am having issues with the Abandon Cart Plugin for my Alidropship store. I have called my hosting company to increase the memory because the error that shows when I try to install the plugin says" The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." I upgrade my...
  8. M

    What is Cpanel? Is it cost some more dollars or not?

    if i purchase alidropship plugin with hosting service then still i need to spend some more dollars on Cpanel or not? and what is Cpanel purpose?
  9. Borisros

    Social Rabbit New Update

    I have a problem setting up Social Rabbit with the new update. In Facebook setings, I get this log: (#200) Permissions error, Unsupported get request. Object with ID '126298341392052' does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read...
  10. S

    cPanel Credentials

    Does anyone know how to obtain your cPanel credentials? recently joined and heard nothing from the support team
  11. Sznurek11

    No items in the order list

    Hi, I've updated new version of alidropship and now in my order list I see no items just empty orders. I need ASAP help.
  12. A

    Manual & auto Update not working | Please help

    Hello, I am trying to update products but it is not working. When i go in updates and click start under manual update , it just gets stuck. Below is a screenshot of what the console in my browser looks like : The console is stuck there and does not show anything else . After refreshing it...