1. AryanShirani

    SocialRabbit Not Working

    So i want to start saying that i am really disappointed with this plugin, is full of bugs, actually is 2 weeks that is not working anymore even if a contacted support several times, and now even if my facebook post setting is disabled, is still posting random images on my facebook page... anyway...
  2. Reda Saiko

    Social Rabbit BIG issue

    Hello here, I have a big problem with Social Rabbit and Facebook : Post Grabber and Gallery Poster doesn't show any image for me, I have just a blue space instead (attachement). Poster is working without any issue, grabber and gallery also are working fine on other social networks, but not on...
  3. Shays

    Social rabbit - images in gallery getting cropped to square

    It seems like when I move files from the wordpress media to the Social rabbit gallery it is cropping the image to a square... Could we have a look on that? @Yaros, I think it would be great to have a sub-forum for Social rabbit... Suggestions and ideas. ;)