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  1. Barbara

    Website for sale

    I used Alidropship Woo to build a gadget site at at the end of 2017. Better-Bits had $1,450 in sales between Dec. 13, 2017 and March 21, 2018 when I dropped the ball. Unexpected events in my life got in the way of me developing the site. But the fact that it has been in...
  2. sharonmay

    Doggy store for sale - SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

    I regretfully have to sell my doggy site, had this store made with Alidropship Ultimate package last October which cost me $899, to check it out go to I bought this site eager to go full time with it, but about two months after having it made, my husband and I decided to...
  3. W

    Women Fashion Store For Sale

    Hello everyone. Selling my store. It is well designed and have some sales. Selling to sell, i am making and launching such sites for sale. Price may be negotiated in future. -------------------------------------------------
  4. radhikamal

    Niche Site for SALE

    Hi guys, Educational Toys niche site for sale. I thought promotion was easy to do but I ended up not doing that for several days sometimes. I didn’t do heavy promotions so we don’t know the full potential of this site. Maybe you can prove it. Reasons: I’m not interested in this niche...
  5. vaisakh

    Niche Site For Sale

    New Site Michael Jackson Products. Unique Niche !! Design Full Completed Paypal and stripe Integrated. 350+ Products !! all work completed ! 11 Month validity for Domain and Hosting !! No time to do marketing . Busy with other site promotion. Plz contact :