shipping costs

  1. A

    Alishipping Shipping costs in single product page not only in cart page...

    Is there a way to show shipping costs per country selector in single product page so before they add to cart ... Like in Aliexpress.... or any code snippet to make this happen. Are there any updates available in the future for Alishipping Plug-in..
  2. A

    Pricing Formula

    Hello, as I'm new to all dropshipping both website and plugin I would like to hear from you. As for the pricing formula of the Alidropship plugin how do you handle it? I'm asking because the final price should be: seller price + shipping costs + payment gateways fees + profit margin This...
  3. S

    Pricing Formula Should Include Epacket Shipping Cost

    Im sure a lot of people have this, issue price formula is good but it should include epacking shipping cost. I have product which cost 20usd and shipping epacket cost about the same of 20usd. It messes with the formula and potently you can lose money. If Alidropship woo has this feature it would...
  4. drytech

    Shipping always shows 0.00

    Once I had my site set up I tested it by going to the product individual page and even though I have expedited shipping when I set up the product, it still shows 0.00. I set up 3 shipping options, and when I edit a product I select one of them for that product, but it never shows up on the...