1. Flora By Millie

    AliExpress supplier refund

    Hello, I am new to the dropship community but I have had my store open for almost 12 months. I have had various issues with various suppliers but this current one is doing my head in & was hoping somebody could give me some advice. A customer placed an order on the 8th December. On the 27th...
  2. G

    How to process product returns?

    I hope these aren't dumb questions, only I've never dropshipped before. I'm just setting up my store with Woocommerce and AliDropship. I'm editing the "Refunds and Returns" page. If customers want to return an item, how do I deal with this? Where do they send the item - to me in Australia, to be...
  3. J

    Did not give me full refund

    Hi I bought some products from a seller and after 2cweeks the seller cancel the product on me. So I did a dispute and won but I only won half the money, they took my tax and shipping. What? How can they only give me half. How can I fight for all. I will do it with my bank too. This is not right...
  4. ZbigniewPL

    Refund email notifications

    Hello I think this feature will save some time because not every Gateway send refund notifications. Once order is marked as refunded, email is being send to the client informing him that his order has been cancelled and money refunded. Cheers
  5. Rachelle

    Charged for Two Alidropship plugins when only using one

    Hi, We bought an Alidropship plugin and downloaded two versions; a regular Alidropship and a Woocoomerce version, as we thought it was just a choice to just to decide later which one we would use. Now we have notice we were charged for Two plugins. How can we either get a refund, or get a...