product page

  1. D

    Images won't go vertically in Product Description in Davinci Theme

    Hi there, I'm trying to format my product descriptions in order to optimize them for conversions and better fit my main photos for Google Shopping ads. The formatting doesn't seem to transfer out of box, and after trying to add bootstrap to the page is still isn't working. Is there any way to...
  2. Mahavir Surana

    Additional information doesn’t shown their values

    Sir, Selected fields with their values in ‘attributes’ option in product edit page are not properly shown on product page’s ‘Additional Information’ column. Please for details about it see screenshot image attached here. Please request to solve this issue for us. Thanks.
  3. tobyhughes18

    New single product page

    I really love the new single product promo page. Im wondering if anyone has noticed an increase in conversion rate since using the add on?
  4. G

    Remove/Hide 'Product Information' Tab (Rembrandt Theme)

    Hi everyone, is there a way to remove/hide the 'Product Information' tab from the product page? (Rembrandt Theme)
  5. Shobit

    Product Page is not working! 404 Page not found!

    Hi, I have setup a new store recently with one one the theme from 3 AliDropship Themes. Everything seems working fine on my store except the Product Page ( Shop). I get an error - 404 Page not found. Please help me to fix this issue. Thank You