product inventory

  1. Sadoun

    Updating "out of stock" products only

    I haven't found an option in the UPDATE setting to update only "out of stock" products. For example, sometimes a product goes out of stock temporarily on AliExpress. Then the sellers update their inventory and the product is back in stock at AliExpress. But on my woocommerce store, it is...
  2. V

    Variable Products Inventory Set to Zero When Still in Stock on AliExpress

    I have a lot of my products showing up out of stock, but when I click on the Product URL under the Supplier tab of the edit product page, AliExpress shows the product instock. This is the text that shows up on the Update tab: It seems to happen to variable products. Was the variation perhaps...
  3. Wei Jian

    Manually Changing Product Inventory

    Hi! I have a simple query here just to confirm with Alidropship Plugin. When I change the product inventory manually (for more realistic order amounts and promotion reasons), does it affect the "actual" product inventory which is supposed to be automatically sync to my store when I do auto...