price error

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    All product prices change arbitrarily downwardly

    Hi, Please I urgently need assistance to solve this pressing issue in my store. I think the plugin is working wrongly as I notice today that all my product prices have changed to $0 . all effort by me to rectify this prove abortive. kindly assist me in fixing this problem.
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    Product prices are not showing correctly.

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    Price reset back to original aliexpress price after product update

    Hi, I need help on this. - I imported 1 product with variations. - I manually set all the regular price and sales price. Example. Regular price 45, sale price 35 - But after product update, the price revert back to original aliexpress price - I go to update tab, set the price update...
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    Why take off change price in general option?

    hi, why its off general price to set manually .See this: