price bug

  1. A

    All product prices change arbitrarily downwardly

    Hi, Please I urgently need assistance to solve this pressing issue in my store. I think the plugin is working wrongly as I notice today that all my product prices have changed to $0 . all effort by me to rectify this prove abortive. kindly assist me in fixing this problem.
  2. Y

    Product prices are not showing correctly.

  3. K

    Woocommerce plugin "Attributes not working for price change"

    I’m having a very serious problem with this plugin, my products have 2 attributes which are Length and colour. Under these two attributes, are so many variations of colours and lengths When i import products, the plugin imports all sorts of attributes which are not necessary and doesn’t work...
  4. waterlion

    Product Price when updated, refreshes back to zero

    Can't seem to bypass this bug. Also, I'd like to recommend pricing rules for the 'product price'. ie. When 9.95, then 19.99. etc.