1. salemzaid1

    Connecting Custom Payment Gateway To AliDropShip Theme

    Hi there We are in Canada and the payment gateways available in the original Alidropship are bad for us. For example, we have been blocked multiple times from Stripe on many domains simply because we were making a lot of sales and they held our money for 90 days. This happens a lot with Paypal...
  2. tamzy

    Adding Bitcoin to Stripe

    Hi there, I am using Stripe as my credit card processor. I know that you can add Bitcoin as a payment option for customers when you are using Stripe. How do I add this to my checkout form?
  3. jeighseauxn

    Problems when checking out

    Hello, I'm needing some help with my checkout page. So when you add items to the cart and fill out the shipping information and click "proceed to checkout" the page refreshes and clears all the boxes, and I get a error message that say's "Setting payment not found or type undefined". I've...
  4. D

    PayU Configuration

    Hello, I just got my payU account opened, so I'm trying to configure the settings to accept credit cards in my store. Taking a look in the payU panel, they have the following data to interact with the api: Api Key Api Login Public Key Merchant ID (uploaded screenshot) This data doesn't match...