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    Payment options

    Hello, I am creating my store but I am not registered as a business. What payment options can I add to my website. I'm a foreigner where I live and registration is quite difficult. What affordable payment options can I use to receive card payment without a business registration. Thank you
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    In India how can we integrate Payment gateway which will support internationally

    Any of them please suggest how can i integrate payment gateway intentionally in India? Stripe and all not supporting in india, PayuMoney they are asking 2 year bank statement and import export certificate and all ? Please guide me ? I'm using alidropship woo plugin.
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    Paypal business account here, accepts only if the client has already a paypal account

    Hello i ve read many answers in the forum regarding the matter but i have no clear picture about the matter of Paypal business account. I have a paypal business account,i can accept paypal payments when clients buy products but only if they have a paypal account. Why they cant buy using credit...