payment methods

  1. EdnaW

    Tracking QR payments?

    Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to track your payments through a plugin on the website? I recently had a web developer make an update to my payment gateway for online payments to include a generated QR code on our end (I used this online generator) but am having quite the time figuring out...
  2. R

    2checkout payment gateway requirement is Proof of stock for my products.

    2checkout requirement: Please address the below items in order for us to continue the review process on your application: If you hold stock of the products displayed on your website, please provide Proof of stock for the below products ...
  3. A

    Payment options

    Hello, I am creating my store but I am not registered as a business. What payment options can I add to my website. I'm a foreigner where I live and registration is quite difficult. What affordable payment options can I use to receive card payment without a business registration. Thank you
  4. T

    Payment gateways for Sri Lanka?

    Hi, what are my available options for payment gateways if I'm based in Sri Lanka?
  5. R

    Stuck with Configure Payment Methods

    Hi, I'm new to alidropship and setting up my store. At the moment just stuck with configure payment methods in my store. First of all I follow your guidelines( and try to configure Paypal. But it's confused me...