1. Nikson11

    Best Supplier on aliexpress??

    Hello Folks. I tried many suppliers on aliexpress and most of them are not serious about bussiness I mean they promise something that they cant do. I want to share my supplier that actually works good and for now everything is fine. So if you want to share your one that would be great if not you...
  2. K

    Need a Help with Payment Getaway

    Hello Folk I'm having a headache with payment getaways. I'm living Sri Lanka and I tried to apply for Bluesnap & 2checkout but those companies just a joke. Paypal doesn't work properly here in Sri Lanka too. Do you guys have any experience integrate different payment getaways for Alidropship...
  3. A

    Add PayPal direct payment option for 2checkout.

    Many dropshiper countries doesn't support PayPal. That's why please add PayPal direct option for 2checkout user. If not understand please check below url
  4. T

    No same payment gateways between Alidropship and Aliexpress ?

    Hello, Is there a payment gateway I can use to get paid by customers and to order to Aliexpress ? Right now I receive payment on Paypal or Credit Card like Stripe by I have to use a credit card of my own to order on Aliexpress. It could be easier to manage to use one payment getway. Thanks.