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  1. ShaysPlay

    How can we activate Stripe as Payment Provider on Shopify store (non-US resident) with verified Stripe Account?

    *I'm not sure if this is the correct platform to post this, but any advice would be greatly appreciated* I'm looking for some advice on activating Stripe as the Payment Provider on my Shopify store. I've got a verified Stripe account so it's just the issue of getting Shopify to add Stripe as...
  2. S

    Alidropship plugin and tax management

    Hello there, I want to know if the alidropship plugin can manage tax calculations automatically for dropshipped products depending on location (if i dropship products in all USA and every state has its own sales tax legislation, it will become a mega nightmare !) NB : the case is for a llc...
  3. O

    Is registering a company before starting Dropshipping mandatoy?

    Hello and Happy New Year 2018 to All of you, I am an expat living with my family in beautiful South Turkey. I have a huge interest to starting e-commerce. My target market would be USA or EU. I have a few questions in this respect: Must I register a company in order to use AliDropship? Would...