1. ShaysPlay

    How can we activate Stripe as Payment Provider on Shopify store (non-US resident) with verified Stripe Account?

    *I'm not sure if this is the correct platform to post this, but any advice would be greatly appreciated* I'm looking for some advice on activating Stripe as the Payment Provider on my Shopify store. I've got a verified Stripe account so it's just the issue of getting Shopify to add Stripe as...
  2. Johnny Hook

    LLC Company

    Hello! Could you advise please, which company offers the better prices & taxes in order to register a LLC? I bought about a year ago your plugin, and just now Im ready to release my webstore, just want to add Stripe account. I wish to have that done already, but is not too late to do now. I...
  3. R

    How To Open LLC in USA

    Hello Everyone, I am not living in the USA neither I am a US citizen. """ If I want to open LLC in the USA do I need to pay Income tax, sales tax, State tax ???? Share your Knowledge if you know better European Country Where can open LLC easily and less expensive. Thanks In Advance.
  4. Gerard

    Legal questions about my new dropshipping site

    Hi all, i' ve recently started my new dropshipping site. First of all let me make my complemanti to the creators of this plugin. My doubts are about taxes pay, i am situated in italy. I hope that maybe among you there is some Italian so maybe can provide me his experience, in any case whatever...
  5. Tahseen

    I need LLC , Any Help ?

    I'm from Iraq, and all the payment method reject us !!! Now I'm thinking to try LLC, but I'm not sure about it, It's expensive and I'm afraid LLc maybe useless anyone tried it ?? is these any video tutorial ???