1. R

    Missing phone number causes a bug

    So I'm using Alidropship Woo plugin, and I discovered that if you don't put a default phone number in your own settings AND if the customer doesn't input a phone number, then if you click "Place order automatically", the product gets correctly added to your cart in Aliexpress, and on the next...
  2. fadyagha

    Aliexpress fulfillment

    Hello Everybody, I need to found a company in china to give me the fulfillment services for Aliexpress using alidropship plugin with woocommerce Some online stores like https://www.jollychic.com/ is shipping my order in they packaging with very fast shipping ( Aramex ) maybe only 10-15 dayes...
  3. O

    Is registering a company before starting Dropshipping mandatoy?

    Hello and Happy New Year 2018 to All of you, I am an expat living with my family in beautiful South Turkey. I have a huge interest to starting e-commerce. My target market would be USA or EU. I have a few questions in this respect: Must I register a company in order to use AliDropship? Would...
  4. S

    Autofill Order USA Failed

    There was a few orders with failed autofill for USA. Please see screenshots.
  5. Agus Halim

    Automatic Order Fulfillment for multiple customer

    Hi I'm new using this plugins. i'm using alidropship woocommerce version currently i have questions regarding Automatic Order Fulfillment process i saw the video at regarding auto fulfillment process for 1 customer. is it workable for multiple customer as well by using single click only? or...
  6. K

    Replace polish characters in shipping information (Woocommerce)

    Hi, I have another problem. Now with fulfillment. Im from Poland and here we have polish characters like "ś ć ó ź ń". Aliexpress dont allow that characters and fulfillment doesnt work. Its possible to auto change this characters to normal? Like Ó - O , Ś - S ... Second problem is with Postal...