feature request

  1. R

    Add a feature to set all imported Alidropship products to be out of stock

    This is very necessary if at any time there are obstacles from suppliers such as the Corona case now, so the store can still operate by selling print on demand products and setting all imported Alidropship products into out of stock.
  2. S

    Pricing Formula Should Include Epacket Shipping Cost

    Im sure a lot of people have this, issue price formula is good but it should include epacking shipping cost. I have product which cost 20usd and shipping epacket cost about the same of 20usd. It messes with the formula and potently you can lose money. If Alidropship woo has this feature it would...
  3. Takerian

    Translation of reCAPTCHA text

    My reCAPTCHA text isn't translated to the language set in WPLANG. Now I solved it by adding custom code to the head section: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js?ver=5.0.3&hl=cs" async defer></script> You must add hl GET parameter with language code. Can...
  4. A

    Michelangelo theme feature request

    Hello team, I'm using Michelanglo theme for my store and I need a feature that will easier the product page editing than now. Michelangelo theme is appearing all product images only as 640x640. So if any image size will larger than 640x640, some part of image will not appear. But on Davinci...
  5. B

    Standard plugin or Woocommerce Plugin?The Best

    Hi all, Please tell me which version is better to use ..either Standard plugin or woo commerce plugin ...like themes,features, automation, pricing,shipping , easily importing and editing products etc..
  6. anonymous1971

    Notification when a product disappears from Ali

    Hello, At this moment we have around 300 products and 3-5 variations per product. With this amount of products it is impossible to track when a product or a product variation disappears from Ali. Is it possible for you to make some sort of notification system that sents an email notification...
  7. jpsingleton

    Is it possible to receive price alerts without autoupdating price?

    I'd like to have control over my product prices, since it doesn't always make sense for me to sell two products that are $0.80 on AliExpress for the same price on my own site. (I might want to sell one for $5 and one for $10.) But I would still like to know if the AliExpress prices change, so I...
  8. Mayank Sharma

    Please Bring Sale Price and Compare Price Auto Calculate Feature

    Hello, Alidropship please bring this feature currently plugin only calculate sales price not compare price i need feature like Sales Price = Cost*2 Compare/Retail Price = Sales Price*3 In this way it would be very easy for us to import and it would be lightning fast and calculation could...