1. Christina

    Email Marketing Best Practices: How We Create Emails That Sell

    Emails are one of the most powerful ways to connect with our buyers. If we make them interesting or eye catching, people open them and go to our website. In other case, people just delete an email and label it as spam. Speaking of email marketing best practices, we heavily rely on our own...
  2. Quadir

    Integrate Mailchimp with DaVinci Theme

    Hello there, when I paste MailChimp form code in email subscription space in DaVinci dashboard, subscription form look gets distorted. I there any way I can use MailChimp without any change in theme look?
  3. merten

    Create and sending a newsletter

    What do you think about a newsletter template. (It will create a newsletter fully automatic and sending to your customers or created list) - Sending to your excisting customers - Import manually emails to the list Create a newsletter like : - Add random products Or: - Add 3/6/9/15 newest...