email template

  1. G

    Where to find the 'estimated delivery time' email template?

    Hi everyone, If I understand correctly the customer should get an email with 'estimated delivery time' after the order get synced with Aliexpress delivery time. I'm looking for the email template which includes the 'estimated delivery time'. Thanks :)
  2. nardog03

    Abandon Cart Email Sending To Junk Mail

    Hello everyone, I have installed the AbandonCart Addon plugin for my website. It is working and sending emails to customers that have left items in their carts, but the problem is that is the emails are getting sent to the junk mail and not filtered through to reach their inbox. I have tried...
  3. N

    Adding Tracking Code to Custom Email template

    Hello, I use alidropshp WOO version, I have the following 2 questions: 1. After tracking no. is available in aliexpress oder, I have to manually put the order id in my woocommerce order details page and then press "Get Tracking" to get the tracking number, Dont u think it wud be much better if...
  4. S

    How to include shipping address in Order Confirmation email template?

    Hi all, I am using the latest AliDropship Plugin on my website. I have a quick question about Order Confirmation email or Thank You For Your Order email template. How can I include shipping address in this email template? So that the customers can review or take a second look at the address...