ecommerce management

  1. S

    How to get rid of India click farms from my website?

    Hi guys I need your help. I think I got a problem with India clicks farms I have 50-60 daily abandoned checkouts from India customers. Does anyone have experience with it, any advice will be helpful? Thanks!
  2. D

    Top 10 Best NDR Management Software

    As the world is moving towards a cashless society, eCommerce has had to change with it. One of the most notable changes for eCommerce companies is the need for Non Delivery Management (NDR) software. NDR software helps manage customer orders and processes returns more efficiently. With so many...
  3. L

    Tracking Options And Ali Order Event Emails

    I have posted before on this subject but I had a few different questions and time has moved on. It's a big time drain for me to check aliexpress orders. I get a lot of emails from them (Ali Express) and feel the need to check them against orders because I don't want an order to finish if...
  4. Aashish mathesul

    I want total webmanager for my store

    this website is a Website of selling bestsellerstore products to Indians from aliexpress. I want a paid webmanager who will work on commission basis to promote sell manage and process all orders on this website. Customers data from india will be provided with email and phone numbers.all legal...