1. Zlaja

    Where to download plugin

    Hi! I have deleted email where I had links to download alidropship plugin. Where can I download it again? I need version for Woocommerce. Thanks
  2. M

    Social Rabbit version for PHP 7.1+ with ioncube like Alidropship

    Hi, I bought yesterday with Alidropship Social Rabbit too, but I can only download version for PHP 5.6. My WP works with PHP 7.1 and Alidropship and other plugins like: Abandoned Cart, Customers Gallery, Countdown Timer, Facebook Business and Recent Sales Pop-Up works too with PHP 7.1. Where...
  3. Emmanuel

    Export Aliexpress Product Store URL and Product URL

    Is there a way to export the products including the product URL and store URL? Regular export doesn't include these fields, I wonder if there is a special field or someone has the SQL that will enable me export it through php or the database from the back-end