1. Blz

    Blurry images on Da Vinci 2.0

    Hello, I'm using Alidropship original plugin + Da Vinci 2.0 theme in one of my shops. Unfortunately, I just realized that all the gallery images on product pages look super blurry and not sharp (even if the original ones are sharp and high res 800x800+) The same problem on desktop and mobile...
  2. S

    Suggestion For DaVinci 2.0 Theme

    Hi Everyone, I would like to make a suggestion. Not sure how difficult this would be to implement but it would be great if we can customize the products that appear in the Top Selling Products, Best Deals and New Arrivals sections on the homepage. As there are only 8 spots for each section, I...
  3. Takerian

    DaVinci 2 - "Categories" not translated

    In the loop-product.php file on line 18 there is hardcoded <h3>Categories</h3> and it is not translated.
  4. S

    Davinci 2 Child Theme

    Hello! I am new here, can anyone help me with the Davinci 2 child theme download link??
  5. Takerian

    Changing colors in review block

    I've changed color from the default orange to a green everywhere in the Customization settings. However the text (100%) and the percentage bar in the REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS block on a single product page are still orange. Where should I change that? My theme is Davinci 2, version 1.2.3. I'm...
  6. A


    HI, i try to change colour in my theme like the discount colour and don't change. Also i suggest to put something as you can see in image . https://prnt.sc/m1a16x
  7. sharonmay

    Davinci2 sidebar not working

    Hello my sidebar in the Davinci2 isn't working. I have my ad in there, but there's nothing else compared to the demo. Can anyone help?