coupon code

  1. N

    How to add automatically unique coupon to order email

    Hi, I’m looking for a solution to add unique coupon code to the order email, so my customers will automatically get an unique personal coupon for the next order after they purchased. I hope someone can help me with this. Thank you!
  2. Mahavir Surana

    Disable COD option when use coupon

    Sir, I want to disable COD payment option if customer used Coupon Code. Now coupon amount is deducted from the 'Total'. I think it should be deducted from the 'Sub Total'. Because of this way deduction, calculate wrong total amount in "Advance or part payment options" Can it possible? Please...
  3. R

    Coupon discount code entering opton is not shown in the front end product page

    I have created a discount coupon for 1 product and applied 80% discount. Also enabled "Promo code" option. But on the product page or checkout page, i cannot see the option to enter the coupon code. Please help me Regards raj
  4. ZbigniewPL

    Coupon "used" issue

    Hello I've set up one coupon code especially for a customer. I set number of usage to 1, and then gave it to my client. She used the coupon which is shown in order details, but the coupon shows no usage in Marketing > Discounts and it's still alive :) Just a small issue, but may cause troubles...