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  1. R

    Alidropship google chrome extension not logging in with non-Woo version

    I have just become a new customer and would like to have control over Ali shipping methods and have found out that the Woo version does not have that, it becomes all automated with no control on it (or do i miss something?). But trying to use the non-woo version i cannot login with the google...
  2. H

    Alidropship Woo with Chrome extenstion

    Hey, just was uploading new products to my shop with chrome extension. From chrome level, within product page I click on EDIT to make necessary changes before i PUBLISH. Once happy with all revisions, I click PUBLISH and the window stays open forever. The product gets imported just fine but the...
  3. R

    Error 500 when import products

    Hi, i get error 500 when importing product.. i have try to reinstall chrome plugin and log out log in again but still same... Has anyone ever experienced this? how to fix this issue?
  4. malikycole88

    Add Product Specification To Description

    hey everyone i was wondering is there a feature to while importing products to move the Product Specification To Description
  5. malikycole88

    Edit Site Name

    how do I edit my site name on the chrome extension, it's not showing properly plus in google shopping as well its showing as that as a brand name
  6. malikycole88

    Scrape description image

    Sorry for the newbie question just moving from Shopify oberlo to alidropship. My Question is can the alidropship chrome extension scape product description image into the gallery rather than saving them and adding them into WordPress? for oberlo when I was using it scraped those.
  7. F

    Chrome Extensions not working.

    Hi, I am unable to import products to my online AE drop-ship stores, due to chrome extensions. Please need your assistance to activate my Chrome AD extension. - AE Store version - 0.13.0 (updated today) Thanks in advance.
  8. T

    Plugin stops working, Chrome Extension Crashes

    I've been using Alidropship Woo plugin for a long time, so you can be sure what I'm saying is true. Yesterday after the update to Version 1.05, the Alidropship Woo plugin completely stopped working - the address fields are not filling up correct as they should. Everything has to be done...
  9. T

    Alidropship Chrome Extension not working with new Google Chrome v69 release

    Hello, The Alidropship Chrome extension is not working with the newly released Google Chrome v69. It keeps crashing whenever we try to fulfil orders and gets stuck at "checking authentication". We have defaulted back to Google Chrome v68 and found that the issue went away - this means that...
  10. D

    Green Ali Express shipping screen blocks photo's when product importing

    Hi there, I'm just setting up a store with the Alidropshipping plugin & the Chrome Extension. So when i go to look at the products, when they are grouped together in their categories, as i try to scroll down, the majority of the "product photo's" get blanked out with a green screen and Ali...
  11. Saulo

    BUG: importing without category on aliexpress product list

    Hey guys, I think there's a little bug in there. When you import products with the chrome extension from the product list (not product page) on Aliexpress, it does not get the category (even though the category is selected on the top bar). Thanks!
  12. anonymous1971

    Ali dropship chrome extension.....almost never works

    90 out of 100 times when i want to import products from aliexpress with the dropship chrome won't import anything.....just keeps loading for hours. Also in incognito screen, after clearing cache, etc......does not work all the time
  13. B

    Chrome Extension is not working

    Hi! I really like AliDropship, I've bought 2 licenses already, but now I'm having an issue with my 2nd site. I cannot import products from AliExpress site, I always get the message "to start adding products to your store, please open another browser tab with AliDropship plugin importing...
  14. G

    Alidropship Chrome Extension - Back Button Problem

    Hello, The Alidropship Chrome Extension prevents the browser back button from working. After disabling the extension the back button starts working again. Tried to reinstall the extension but it didn't help. Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 m (64-bit) Windows 10 64bit