automatic ordering

  1. L

    Automated fulfillment would be great

    It (the plugin) does work well currently however I keep having to make orders and currently until I get better it's manageable. I see that shopify has a plugin that takes care of everything so when an order happens on your site an order is processed on ali! This is where I would like to get the...
  2. C

    Automatic order placing slow?

    What's the typical time it should be taking? Currently sitting waiting for it to place an order but it seems like it's been stuck on "Filling shipping address" for at least 5-10min and before that it was stuck on adding products or something similar for a few minutes too. is this normal?
  3. Agus Halim

    Automatic Order Fulfillment for multiple customer

    Hi I'm new using this plugins. i'm using alidropship woocommerce version currently i have questions regarding Automatic Order Fulfillment process i saw the video at regarding auto fulfillment process for 1 customer. is it workable for multiple customer as well by using single click only? or...
  4. Steve

    Place Order Automatically

    Hi, I am just about to go live and presently testing but the "Place Order Automatically" is not showing in the Orders page. I am using Chrome, I have the Chrome extension and it is set "on". I have the latest version (Version ). Anybody... please help.