1. D

    E-commerce website for sale. Fully automated and ready to go

    Hello Everyone, This is based on Alidropship plugin. Therefore everything is automated and this has a very good customer support service as well. But I don't have enough time for this and it's just sitting there. So i don't want it anymore and it's yours to take. You can visit the website at...
  2. ProAxis

    Home Lifestyle Store in Growing Niche + Marketing + Social Leads

    Miles Modern is a Home Lifestyle Store offering currently trending products in the Aromatherapy and Kitchenware Niche - Bed & Bath and Home & Garden Decor have excellent up-sell potential for long term engagement with your Audience 4 Day Shipping - Excellent Supplier Customer Support - Great...
  3. A

    Send automatic email when customer gets order

    Hi, i like to suggest something like when the customer gets the order , will send an automatic email to share photos on social media or follow us. like abandoned cart send an email , but for this will be when the change to complete status . Tanks
  4. F

    Brand new dropshipping store for sale

    Fully Automated dropshipping site – Huge potential All the hard work is already done for you Spent Almost 250+ hours to craft this store!!! Automated survival dropshipping website. Start your drop-shipping empire today with minimal investment and time (30min/day). Absolutely no Experience...