1. B

    Bohemian Fashion Store with Revenue Tracking for Google Analytics, Facebook Ads & Adwords!

    Hello all, I'm selling my ecommerce store I haven't invested much time into marketing it but I've done something even AliDropship haven't managed to do... I've found a developer who's managed to implement enhanced eCommerce analytics for Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords, etc...
  2. S

    Google Analytics

    Hi, thank you all for the support... I signed up for google analytics...there are instructions on how to embed the code inside the website. I am afraid I am not necessarily going to do this right and afraid to harm the website. any tip on this? screenshots? how to make sure I embed google...
  3. Gerard

    Traffic report, problem with profile selection

    It's a couple of jones that the traffic report in the dashboard is no longer working ... I tried to reset the traffic report setting but when I have to select the profile there is no choice ... Can anyone help me? Thankyou
  4. camille

    Google Analytics Events

    I see that some Google Analytics Events are being sent when a customer go through the website. I would like to create a e-commerce funnel with the following steps : Click on product Add product to cart Enter user information Enter payment information Order Success This way, I will be able to...