1. R

    Currency switcher issue

    Hi all, Tried to search throughout the forum but i cant seems to find an answer to it. Can anyone advise me why does my currency jumps back to default(USD) whenever i refresh the page despite setting it to my preferred currency? FYI: i have tick the cache plugin. Thanks in advance.
  2. jaykay

    Custom Theme Solution for more than 500 products in Woocommerce

    As we all know that most of the users with more than 500 products in woocommerce are facing high CPU usage issue. And, the wordpress themes available here are not appropriate for every niche and not easy to customise for most users. Hence, is it possible to get a custom theme with the help of...
  3. jaykay

    Existing Store Owners - Can we get some tips for the users who are just getting started?

    I am new to Alidropship and starting this thread after I came across different issues while creating my store with Woocommerce. I am able to find some answers and help from this forum. Hence, I thought I should create a post where I and other new users can get tips from the experienced store...
  4. nardog03

    Updating Customer Order Status (Ex Order Shipped)

    Hey Everyone, I have a question in regards to AliWoocommerce Plugin. As a previous user of the Alidropship complete plugin, when a customer order was listed you could have manual change the status from processed to shipped without receiving the tracking number provided by Aliexpress. With the...
  5. mduncanvm

    What PayPal Plugin for AliWoo are you using?

    I am not sure I like the one I am using, it creates a popup, blacks out the page and leads away to Paypal. Is there a nice one that stays on the checkout of the site? I am afraid people click away and I don't capture all the data on my site as they right away click to paypal and then maybe not...
  6. S

    Payment gateway for India?Aliwoo or Ali standard?

    I'm newbie to this forum.Im from India. Could someone help me which Payment gateways i can use to cover indian and global customers preferably US. Saw in one of post aliwoo supports paypal(for global)+instamojo(for india). Do i need to buy any plugin to implement in aliwoo plugin this combo or...
  7. ahmadtalal0786

    Select from different price formulas

    Hi, I really love Alidropshop woo plugin and its awesome. it saves a lot of time and i really love the functionality. I have one suggestion and i think its very IMPORTANT one. if you can please ADD this function in the next update then that would be awesome. The suggestion is to create multiple...
  8. L

    Automatic order fulfilling & tracking page?

    1.How to add order tracking on Alidropship woocommere plugin? I have added the shortcode [ads-track] on a blank page, but it doesn;t show any option to check tracking. Instead it shows just the word [ads-track]. 2. Once we get the tracking number, does the plugin(Woo version) automatically add...
  9. W

    Bulk import working then not working

    Bulk imports has stopped working, again and is causing repeated delays. Anybody else having this problem? Importing in general seems to have a mind of its own.