alidropship woo import products

  1. B

    How many products can I add maximum into my store

    Hello, I wanted to made multi category site. I have good VPS hosting with 4c/8gb Ram and I choose manual update from alidropship. Please suggest me maximum how many products can I manage/add into my store without any problem? If any suggestion or recommendations. Note: current themes/plugins...
  2. G

    Alidropship WOO Plugin Import Products Not Importing Products

    I am having a lot of trouble with the alidropship woo plugin. When I use the direct import button and takes me over to aliexpress It automatically selects 48 products that I don't want and it doesn't give me options to delete or choose the products individually on my own. Also the button up top...
  3. F

    Products cannot import in alidropship

    Hello AliDropship Team I bought your alidropship woo plugin but at start for one day it was working fine but on the second day it is not working at all i can import products from aliexpress Issue 1) i can import products from aliexpress website but i products are no displaying on WordPress...
  4. M

    Add products from store

    Hello, Can you please add the function to import products directly from store, when i try to import from store i click "import 36 products" i get the message "No products for import" I have to add each product manually takes lots of time for each page Thanks
  5. J

    Import Products List option Disappeared after upgrading Version 1.0.4? Help?

    please help, Urgent, After updating to Version 1.0.4, all the other option disappeared form the menu. see my screenshot
  6. A

    Ppst lost while addin new itema

    I was using alidropship's stardard theme but i wanted to change to this new theme so i asked somebody to help me switch theme - at first he did ok. Then he was going to add extra items but when he started to add the new items all my item variables and some images ahve dissapeared i am not...
  7. Aarubi

    Gallery images is not uploaded with the product when I import products ?

    I am using Alidropship woo plugin, When I import the products from aliexpress there is no gallery images uploaded to my image library. How can solve this?